Transport For Development: Aim – To enhance people’s quality of life.


Why Transport Play a Vital Role in Development ?

Transport serves as a link between people, goods and services and access to various opportunities.Transport is one of the mediums to increase productivity.Transport for development refers to the integration of transportation system, policies, and infrastructure with development goals and objectives.We could see availability of transport in every corner of the world  


Transport is the key source to link between two countries. Development can be measured in various aspects but transport is the basic source for development.  


Basic Features led to Transport For Development –


Economic Development- In this Modern World for developing a country, its Economy is important. Tax on Transports plays an important role in economic development. The Government collects a large amount from Road tax. As well as Revenue collection of Railways drop a significant effect on the economy.  


Rural Development : For developing a country, remote or rural areas must be developed. The People of villages can Transport their crops easily to market. Students can easily access college and schools situated in big cities.


Urban Development : Development in big cities can be seen in every country. Students, Employers and Workers easily went to their destinations.Even women can travel with particular safety. We can see the metro becoming the basic mode of Transport in big cities of India.


Technology and Innovation –  Advancements in Transportation Technology like Intelligence Transportation System, Electronic and digital Vehicles which are helping in Reshaping the Transportation Sector. It increases efficiency,safety and sustainability which led to development for transport outcomes.



Thus Transport for Development is the best approach that recognises the multi dimensional impact on social,economic and environmental development.Adequate financing mechanisms and efficiency, governance structure are essential for developing and maintaining transport infrastructure By increasing transportation planning, policy, and investment at big development goals, countries can harness the power of transport to create more sustainable and prosperous society.