Web 3 – The Revolutionary Artefact


Technological advancements have a huge impact on Human beings’ lives. Any advancement happening globally affects our day to day life. Due to this same reason, it becomes a necessity for us to get known about what’s taking place around us. Web 3.0 is just one of those advancements. It is one of the most recent internet technologies which combines machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchains. It is very futuristic and is being seen as a huge move in the technological environment. It not only allows the individual to control and own their data but also to get reimbursed for their online time.

In short,Web 3.0 is also the Read/Write/own phase of the internet. Keen investors of Cryptocurrency are also taking interest in this technology, reason being that cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens will play a leading role in web 3.0. With its feature of decentralisation, now users can create and use Decentralised mobile applications or DApps. That means the mobile applications will be built using blockchain technology in order to keep the user data out of the company behind it. This would act as a big step towards the users’ privacy concerns. DApps would provide all the functionalities such as gaming, entertainment, social networking and more
just like traditional apps but with a high degree of privacy.

Web 3.0 has several pros over the web 2.0 which would make the internet a much safer, smarter and transparent platform to interact on. Due to its advancements, the end users are the ones that will benefit most from advanced data encryptions. This new technology is also a time saver as now users no longer need to create separate personal profiles for multiple platforms. A single profile is enough and would be interconnected and used on any platform. With its several advancements in the web and application field it is being rapidly accepted by the users and been seen as the next big thing.