Mukesh Thakur July 10, 2023

Transport For Development: Aim – To enhance people’s quality of life.

Why Transport Play a Vital Role in Development ? Transport serves as a link between people, goods and services and access to various opportunities.Transport is one of the mediums to increase productivity.Transport for development refers to the integration of transportation system, policies, and infrastructure with development goals and objectives.We could see availability of transport in […]

Mukesh Thakur June 24, 2023

E-Commerce: Aim- Learning, Performing and Achieving

We all can see this feature in our day today life. First one should understand Meaning of E-commerc. WHAT IS E-COMMERCE ?   E commerce basically a  online method  of selling and purchasing- Goods , items and as well as services. E-commerce Industries rapidly increase day by day. There are many e-commerce websites like Amazon,Flipkart […]

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Mukesh Thakur April 26, 2023

Seamless Steps To Migrating Your Website For A Better User Experience

Migrating from Joomla to WordPress can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, it can be done with relative ease. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully move your website from Joomla to WordPress.

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Mukesh Thakur March 23, 2023

How much money and time will require to develop an App like Doordash?

The online food ordering market has experienced significant growth in recent years, and its scope is only expected to increase. Nowadays, food delivery has become a global market worth more than $150 billion, having more than tripled since 2017. In the United States, the market has more than doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, following healthy […]

Mukesh Thakur June 8, 2022

AiqZon Technologies Turns Your Digital Software Idea into Reality: GoodFirms

A small software consultancy firm AiqZon Technologies turned into a business with endless possibilities. Get to know how it happened with Mukesh Thakur – CTO & Co-Founder of AiqZon Technologies. AiqZon Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a team of gifted minds. Established in 2017 by the tech-duo Mukesh Thakur and Johnny Doeer and a couple of […]

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Mukesh Thakur May 17, 2022

Web 3 – The Revolutionary Artefact

Technological advancements have a huge impact on Human beings’ lives. Any advancement happening globally affects our day to day life. Due to this same reason, it becomes a necessity for us to get known about what’s taking place around us. Web 3.0 is just one of those advancements. It is one of the most recent […]

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Mukesh Thakur May 10, 2022

What is Mobile First Design? It’s Importance to implement the mobile App.

Mobile first design refers to the approach in which the web designer start the product design for mobile devices first. Since mobile devices and its users have increased at a huge pace over the last few decades, this industry has a lot to offer now. From web development to app development or to taking one’s […]

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Mukesh Thakur May 1, 2022

Android APP Development – A Need Or Desire To Business

Android application development includes the process of designing, building and implementing software applications. Android devices have become very popular ever since they have been introduced to the market. With its increasing users, the availability and reach of the android apps on android platforms have also drastically increased. Every company or individual can connect to every […]

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Mukesh Thakur April 25, 2022

Introduction for beginners iOS application

iPhone Operating System(iOS) applications are Applications made for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, all of which use Apple’s iOS operating system and are developed using iOS application development tools. The applications can be downloaded from the App store once they get approved and listed on the app store. Apps can be paid as well […]

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Mukesh Thakur April 18, 2022

iOS Development vs Android Development

Mobile app development is one of the rapidly growing industries. Many new apps are being launched on IoS as well as Android platforms on a daily basis. The number of users of several apps even reaches billions. With this massive success and reach of mobile apps, the mobile app development industry has also started to […]