What is Mobile First Design? It’s Importance to implement the mobile App.


Mobile first design refers to the approach in which the web designer start the product design for mobile devices first. Since mobile devices and its users have increased at a huge pace over the last few decades, this industry has a lot to offer now. From web development to app development or to taking one’s business to new heights, people are just a tap away. This widespread use of mobiles to access the web has led to new development methods like Mobile First Design. The procedure by which the Mobile First Designing can be done includes prototyping the web app design for the smallest of the screen first and then working up to the larger screen sizes. Designing and developing initially for the small screen allows the developers to correct the margin of error if left so. Mobile devices have been an integral part of human beings and will continue to be so in the future as well. In fact now half or more than half of the web traffic comes through mobile users which opens more doors for Mobile First Design and the people working in this industry. Users can Implement Mobile First Design approach in product design approach. The basic practices for Mobile First Design may include prioritising the content, providing intuitive navigation, avoiding descriptive pop-ups and testing on real devices. Since Mobile First Design is the key ingredient to successful product design.

Its importance includes-:

● It helps web designers to focus only on essentials, helping users to provide a better experience.
● Google algorithm also ranks mobile friendly websites higher.
● Apart from making website mobile friendly, Mobile First Design also strengthens Desktop and tablet website design.

A high ranked and mobile friendly website is the best combination to get more traffic to your website and make the purpose fruitful for which the website was made. It also increases the DA of your website and strengthens your website.